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Cari Zalloni was born in Greece. The earliest years of his life were spent in Athens. That is possibly the reason why he always asked WHY and never WHEN.


Just like the Ancient Greeks before him, time was never a concern. Being “too late” or “too early” was not the focus. Rather, it was only important how things were done. Not time, but aspect. 


When it comes to possibilities, the past, present, and future are no longer important. This all to overcome limits and to defy fashion. This is a mode of thinking we have retained, and which Katharina Schlager has incorporated in her Capsule Collection. 

This limited collection fits into the series of “iconic pieces” from CAZAL and so is more than just fashion. It has been distilled down to the essentials and yet still remains extravagant. Katharina Schlager honors the legacy of the past without forgetting the possibilities of the future. Made for the people who wear and will wear CAZAL. It harkens back to Ancient Greece, to the great philosophers, adventurers, and poets and to Cari Zalloni’s roots. 




The collection is composed of acetate and rimless styles. The styling and metal decor of the acetate styles are inspired by the classic CAZAL 607. The colors range from classic, timeless colors such as black and havana to the very unique trendy colors, each of which are limited to 100 pieces per style and color. 

The rimless styles are inspired by the original CAZAL prescription 217 frames, originally from the 80s, but that are now making a comeback as sunglasses. The 217/3-2 is the original lens shape, now complemented by three other retro lens shapes. The lenses in unique geometrics and colors are mounted with gold or roségold plated temples. Customized with genuine freshwater pearls or Swarovski stones, depending on the model design.

It is more than just design.

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